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Saturn Returns: Album and tea share earthy undertones

Singer/songwriter teams with Boreal Heartland Products to brew up winners.
Dara Schindelka
Dara Schindelka is teaming up with Boreal Heartland Products as she launches a new album that shares the name of the company's new tea.

AIR RONGE — Singer/songwriter Dara Schindelka has teamed with Indigenous owned and operated Boreal Heartland Products to celebrate the launch of her new album with a specially-made tea blend.

Saturn Returns is the name of Schindelka’s new album, which shares the name of Boreal Heartland’s new tea.  

“Sipping on this tea while listening to my album makes for the perfect peaceful activity,” said Schindelka. “The title track, Saturn Returns, has all the same earthy aspects and undertones of the tea. When hearing the album in its entirety, it makes for a heartwarming way to spend your time.” 

Schindelka said her music is inspired by the landscapes across southern and northern Saskatchewan. She is also a book loving, tea-drinking kind of person so the idea of a custom tea was an easy fit. She also lived in northern Saskatchewan for many years and loved the products that Boreal Heartland produces. 

Boreal Heartland originated in 2017 as an initiative of Keewatin Community Development Association (KCDA), a non-profit, northern organization that seeks to support economic development in the region. The company is one of many projects that provides income opportunities that supports the northern lifestyle while maintaining proper stewardship of the area. It also demonstrates that there is a rich and beautiful landscape of boreal forest and flora, and ensures that all aspects of the business promote environmental and social sustainability. 

“Boreal Heartland is thrilled to work with Dara on her Saturn Returns project. We think the opportunity to create a tea blend that will take on a life as a namesake for a musical album by a talent like Dara is a unique and special opportunity. We have carefully chosen the ingredients of fermented birch leaf, raspberry leaves and rosehip to form a tea that has floral and fruity notes, but is anchored in earthy undertones and a green aspect that reminds one of the fresh buds in spring. It is the perfect sipping companion as you contemplate the lessons of Saturn Returns,” said Randy Johns, manager of Boreal Heartland and CEO of KCDA. 

For those looking to purchase both the album and the tea, you can find it at any of Dara’s live shows this summer as well as on her website, If you want Dara and this amazing tea to make their way to your area, she is taking bookings for shows and would love to accommodate those wishing to add some music and tea to their schedule. 

For more information contact Pat Rediger, Benchmark Public Relations, at (306) 522-9326 or email  


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