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Willett's latest effort targets an adult audience

Author's characters have an appealing complexity
right to know
The protagonist in Right to Know, Art Stoddard, is floating through life as well as well as through space.

“Right to Know”

By Edward Willett

Published by Shadowpaw Press

$19.95 ISBN 9781989398227

If some associate prolific Saskatchewan author Edward Willett primarily with his award-winning young adult fantasy, Right to Know proves he also understands adult audiences. His characters have an appealing complexity, and readers can’t help but be drawn into the moral dilemma that faces the protagonist in this exciting tale.

Thirty-two-year-old Art Stoddard is part of the aristocracy on the starship Mayflower II. Born and raised on board, he’s a media personality and an “approved reproduction partner.” Therefore, he has been spoiled by women as well as by the glory that comes from his father’s status as a Councillor and one of the Originals. They were the ones who escaped from Earth and established a new world in space, the only world Stoddard the younger has ever known.

Art Stoddard, however, is floating through life as well as well as through space. He’s still living with his parents, working at a prestigious job that asks little of him, drinking and carousing too much, but getting away with it. Yet things are about to change, and he may just discover powers he didn’t know he had, as well as a cause more important than his own pleasure. He may even learn something about powerful women in the process.

As any writer knows, having interesting characters and a story to tell is just part of the challenge. Perhaps because of his experience with juvenile audiences, Willett recognizes he must also keep his readers engaged. His way of achieving this is through a breathless sequence of events and personalities.

Edward Willett also writes non-fiction and poetry and runs his own publishing company, Shadowpaw Press.

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