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Accused drug trafficker fails to appear in court for sentencing

Douglas Daniels was to be sentenced on two drug trafficking charges

PRINCE ALBERT – A man facing two drug trafficking charges failed to show in Prince Albert court for his sentencing.

A bench warrant has been issued for 28-year-old Douglas Daniels after he didn’t appear May 5.

In January, his co-accused 23-year-old Ralph Kennan Morin was sentenced to four years in prison. Another co-accused, 26-year-old Devon Daniels is scheduled to appear in court June 13. Nikka Olson, 20, was also charged but all of the charges against her were withdrawn in January.

The four were arrested in November 2021 following a four-month investigation by the Prince Albert Police Crime Reduction Team into drug trafficking. They raided a hotel in Prince Albert Nov. 4, 2021, and located a large amount of cocaine and methamphetamine.