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“Better Together” signs could come to Battleford

Plan to put signs up outside the town limits at no cost to promote the Better Together message
Town Council Feb 22
Deb McNabb promoted the Better Together effort at council Tuesday

BATTLEFORD - The Better Together initiative was before Battleford council Tuesday night, seeking to increase its messaging in the town.

The organization’s co-founder Deb McNabb went to council with a proposal to place Better Together signs at the entrances to the town.

The effort was formed following a rash of suicides of young people in the Battlefords in recent years. The initiative seeks to connect seniors and youth through T-shirts with over 30,000 “Better Together” T-shirts worn on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The initiative has quickly expanded, with T-shirts being distributed in the Battlefords and around Canada and the world. 

At council Tuesday, McNabb reiterated that the Battlefords would continue to be the home of Better Together.

Now, they want to add signs. She noted other communities that joined them will have signs up in their communities that state “we are Better Together” communities.

McNabb wanted to add Battleford to that list. She said they would make signs available at no cost, and put them stating they were the home of Better Together with the message that connected communities are healthy communities.

“Every entrance to the Battlefords, I would love to see a sign that shouts this message,” said McNabb.

They are also planning to launch a website on March 1, which will be an online store.

Council members were enthusiastic about the idea.  Councillor Doug Laing said he was “totally in favor of putting up multiple signs” as there were a number of ways to enter the community.