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Humboldt SPCA warning pet owners to use straw outdoors, not blankets

The Humboldt SPCA has been active, with the Humboldt Broncos helping with winterization and a fundraiser with Discovery Ford.
Humboldt SPCA Kitten
From Dec. 20 until Jan. 5 individuals can foster out an animal from the Humboldt & District SPCA and be supplied with everything needed to take care of the fluffy housemate.

HUMBOLDT — The Humboldt & District SPCA is advising residents that if they want to help outdoor animals keep warm, don’t use blankets – use straw.

“It doesn’t freeze whereas blankets hold moisture in it and then they’ll freeze hard and the dog or cat will get wet where the straw won’t,” said Leah Schlitz, Humboldt SPCA’s vice-president.

“Lots of people have been inquiring because we do have a lot of stray cats around. They want to know the best way to help give them shelter during the winter.”

Schlitz said another thing a good neighbour can do if they want to help their local strays through the winter is to put out some food or a heated bowl for water, since it can be hard for the animals to find water unfrozen this time of year.

“If they can catch them, of course they can call us, but sometimes the strays can be feral so it can be hard to gain some trust.”

The Humboldt SPCA recently received some winterization of their own, with members of the Humboldt Broncos volunteering their time to equip the outdoor kennels with some tarps and ladders, creating a windbreak.

For those interested in a new fluffy housemate, applications have begun for the Foster for the Holidays events where volunteer fosters can take in an animal from Dec. 20 until Jan. 5 and have everything needed to take care of the animal provided for free.

The SPCA is advertising the program as a great way to see if a new animal is a right for their home, and a way to help the dogs who would otherwise be stuck inside their kennel throughout the holidays.

“We’ve got so many that need a break, they just need a break from us, being in a kennel,” Schlitz said. “They just want love.”  

Those interested or have questions are asked to contact Janice Weber at or call 306-682-5550. First approved applications get first preference with animals that match the housing situation.

Active fundraisers going on include a local initiative with Discovery Ford, where between Nov. 1 and Dec. 15, Discovery Ford will donate $10 to the SPCA for each Diamond Detail completed or gift card purchased for a Diamond Detail, and $20 to the SPCA for each Platinum Detail completed or gift card purchased for a Platinum Detail.

A holiday spirits raffle is planned to begin in December, where one lucky individual will get a booze basket from the SPCA through entering the raffle.

The shelter is continuing to take applications for the position of shelter care worker, which is about 25 hours a week, and animal care coordinator, which is about 35 hours a week. Resumes can be submitted at the or by dropping off at the SPCA during weekday business hours from 1 to 4 p.m.