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Wastewater data sees numbers going down for North Battleford

Omicron variant down over 70 percent in wastewater
Covid Chart
Wastewater numbers are often predictive of what could come in terms of COVID-19 case numbers.

NORTH BATTLEFORD - The numbers for wastewater data released this week indicate a decline in COVID-19 in the wastewater in North Battleford.

According to the average of theee individual measurements from the period Jan. 10-14, the wastewater virus load is down 8.1 percent to 28,537 per 100 ml. 

For the Omicron variant, it was 14,954 per 100 ml, a decline of 70.7 percent. 

The latest data for Saskatoon and Prince Albert also shows declines. For the period Jan. 13-19 the wastewater virus load was 81,133 per 100 ml which is down 39.3 percent, while the Omicron variant was 82,957 per 100 ml, down 49.4 percent.

In Prince Albert for Jan. 11-17, the wastewater virus load was 50,677 per 100 ml, down 58.2 percent, while for the Omicron variant it was 51,853 per 100 ml, down 68.2 percent.

The data is considered predictive of potential increases or decreases in new positive cases over the next seven to 10 days. Increases are roughly indicative of increases in new positive cases while decreases are roughly indicative of anticipated decreases in new positive cases.