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Action! Luseland’s Pothole Productions ready to return to live theatre performances

'Wheel of Misfortune,' newest comedy by Luseland's Pothole Productions is ready to hit the stage

LUSELAND — Pothole Productions, a community theatre group in Luseland, has been performing live theatre since 2003. They have performed 16 times and 2023 will be the first performance since the COVID-19 pandemic that began in 2020.

“We cancelled our 2020 show just two weeks before COVID restrictions took place but had been nearly ready to perform,” says Janelle Fischer, cast and organization member.

 “It was a huge disappointment for the cast/crew and community as there is a lot of preparation that goes into the production every year. The 2020 play was based on the Addams Family and The Brady Bunch and written by our director, Jared Fischer. Although we will not be using the 2020 play this year, we hope to use it in a future performance.”

Fischer said this year’s play is a comedy called “Wheel of Misfortune,” which was written and directed by Fischer. The play is based in a long-term care facility where residents must come up with a plan to fundraise money for a new TV and recliner chairs after budgets are cut and their equipment is confiscated.

June 9 weekend will include three performances by the community's theatre group, with Friday and Saturday performances including a dinner theatre option.

The performance is comprised of a 10-member cast and crew of both returning members and new actors.

Pothole Productions is always open to welcoming new members into their cast and crew or volunteer departments. The executive board is compromised of five members including Janelle Fischer, Jared Fischer, Lexie Honecker, Joanne Cairns and Judy Frehlich. The board has been meeting for several weeks and there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into a production.

Pothole Productions is a not-for-profit organization with the goal to donate funds back to the Luseland community. To date, $120,705.67 has been raised, with most funds going towards the community hall.

“We recently donated new curtains to the hall,” says Fischer.

“All proceeds from this year's performance will be donated to a new boiler system for the community hall as there is a dire need for one. The hall will not be able to operate for another winter without a replacement. If anyone is looking to donate to the cause, Pothole Productions or a hall committee member will graciously accept any donations,”