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Blind Trust: new documentary by Luseland's renowned producer

The newest documentary from HalterMedia, "Blind Trust: A Guide Dog's Journey" was filmed and produced by Luseland's own Adrian Halter and features Luseland resident, Jodi Laycock.

LUSELAND — Adrian Halter who grew up in Luseland and is an award-winning producer and director for HalterMedia Inc., has produced another documentary filmed in his hometown of Luseland.

Halter is well known for his Flat Out Food series, which recently carried a segment on Salt, featuring Unity’s Compass Minerals. Compass Minerals on CityTV, Luseland native produces series. -

The latest work that features a Press-Herald community and subject is a documentary called, Blind Trust: A Guide Dog’s Journey, which is a heartwarming and insightful series that explores the extraordinary partnership between guide dogs and their handlers. Delving into the unique bond formed between these remarkable animals and their human companions, Blind Trust: A Guide Dog’s Journey, showcases the training process at CNIB Guide Dogs and the life-changing impact they have on their handlers.

Episodes premiere every Tuesday on AMI at 6 p.m. You can also stream the show on demand at and on the AMI-tv App.

You can watch the documentary on a number of channels that are listed on the Haltermedia website.

Luseland is featured on the episode from the production crew filming in the community in the winter of 2023 when they were on-site interviewing local resident, Jodi Laycock and her guide dog, Shadow.

 “I created the idea for the series back in 2021 for AMI and then developed it throughout 2022,” Halter says.

“I began working closely with CNIB in order to make connections and find the people to be featured. I also worked with Becki Zerr, who is a co-writer on the series. Becki is a guide dog handler herself (and actually lived in Kerrobert for a brief time as a child plus her husband is originally from Kerrobert).”

Halter said they began filming the documentary in February of 2023.

“Jodi is featured in a few episodes, along with some great aerial footage of Luseland. We filmed a lot in Regina, and we also filmed in Ottawa, Ont., Perth, Ont., and Carleton Place, Ont, (which is where the guide dog training facility is). We feature four guide dog handlers in the series along with someone on the waitlist and many trainers and CNIB staff,” adds Halter.

When asked how Luseland reacted to a film feature being active in their community, Halter responds, “I don't know if anyone even knew other than my family and Jodi's. We mostly filmed at Jodi's home and a bit throughout the town. A few people noticed us but for the most part, we were quite discreet.”

Halter is proud to acknowledge Laycock who designed the image for the poster for the documentary, saying “Pretty cool.”

Laycock says she doesn’t recall when exactly she was contacted, but her reaction was one of excitement and pride knowing Halter is from her hometown.

“I have had Shadow two years this week. He is my first guide dog,” says Laycock. “I think this documentary is important as there is so much that sighted people just don't consider about daily life tasks. A lot of today's youth have no idea what a white cane or guide dog means.”

Laycock says her vision loss is a result of glaucoma and ophthalmoplegia. She lost her vision as an adult so it has been a great deal of adapting, however, she can see shapes and colours.

Co-writer Becki Zerr has been a guide dog handler since March 2021. She lived in Kerrobert as a child and was in the same grade as her future husband, Brad, who still has family there.

“Prior to my vision loss, I was a registered nurse, working for the federal government. After losing my sight, I realized a pivot with my career was necessary. I have been doing work for AMI, audio for several years, including being a community reporter as well as the host and creator of two podcast series — The Blind Reality and Raising Kindness with Becki Zerr. I have also had the opportunity to be an animated voice actor for a new children’s cartoon series. Blind Trust was my first step into the film industry as a co-writer.”

Zerr says as a guide dog handler, she has noticed people are generally curious about guide dogs and have many questions. She feels it is important to get the correct information to the public, which in turn, will help everyone.


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