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Chicago PD Oct. 6 episode includes former Unity resident

Unity was buzzing with excitement when it was learned that former resident, Don Ackerman, would have a guest role on a popular television series Oct. 6.

UNITY - Fans of the weekly television series, Chicago PD, were excited to learn that former Unity resident, Don Ackerman, would make a brief appearance on Oct. 6.

There were multiple posts on social media following the news that Don was making this appearance as a security guard on this episode, and after people had seen his appearance on the show, all with much excitement and enthusiasm that a former Unity resident, following his dream, was an actor in a popular TV series.

Ackerman, was born in Unity and graduated from Unity Composite High School. He has followed in a career of acting, directing, and writing.

He started his career playing tree number three in the St. Peter’s production of “Charlie Brown’s Christmas.” While in Unity, he was also part of the local Little Theatre productions, which then led him to multiple stages from Saskatoon to Vancouver and then into the United States.

Ackerman was inducted into the UCHS Hall of Honor in 2011 in the arts category. The members of this hall are a great representation for students to follow their dreams, regardless of what community they grew up in.

The Ackerman family tell the Press-Herald, “Having a family member doing work in the field of “show business” is pretty exciting. Whether it’s waiting in anticipation to see him appear on the “big” screen or hearing of his next idea for a script he’s writing, its pretty interesting.”

“Don has been at this job for many years and through success or fail, he never seems to give up. He’s so dedicated and works so hard to sometimes land a small part only, but still makes us all so proud to say, “that’s my brother/son/uncle on tv!!” This episode of Chicago PD had a lot of people talking and excited and who knows, maybe it will open doors for other shows like this. “

Don’s sister, Sandra Kelly, adds, “At this time my children haven’t been inspired to enter the field of arts, however I hope they can learn one thing from their Uncle and that’s to never give up!”