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Curling Canada lauds Wilkie's Kevin Glessing

Wilkie's Kevin Glessing acknowledged by Curling Canada for his role in the recent Canadian Olympic Curling Trials in Saskatoon.

UNITY — Canadian Curling Association chief umpire, Brett Waldroff, acknowledges Wilkie’s Kevin Glessing on his role at the recent Canadian Olympic Curling Trials.

“Kevin Glessing has become an umpire fixture at the major championships in Canada. He has gained the respect of the players and the umpires so much so that Kevin is constantly and consistently invited to at least one Season of Champions major event every year,” Waldroff says.

 “The characteristics that make Kevin a top calibre umpire (Kevin is a Level 4 national umpire) is his competence when he is umpiring a game, his attention to detail, his knowledge of the rules of the game and application of the rules when required. He puts the team of umpires and the championship first, which makes him a true asset to each championship he participates in.”

Glessing says of this most recent officiating experience, “I think the biggest takeaway from the trials was the gratification of being able to be involved in the beginning of sending these teams on their Olympic journey.

“I feel absolutely humbled to be chosen to work the final draws in the Olympic curling trials. I feel very honoured by the athletes, the local committee and Curl Canada as a whole. They are appreciative of the umpiring that we do. They always were smiling and pleasant and never a negative comment. The athletes as a whole were very respectful and polite."

Hometown television viewers and those who attended in person shared many pictures of Glessing in action during the week-long event.

Glessing was part of several events in the Calgary curling bubble earlier in 2021. He will also be part of the officiating team at a few upcoming provincial events followed by finishing off the season with the Canadian men’s Brier curling championship upcoming in Lethbridge, Alta.