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Former Macklin resident returns to serve as nurse practitioner

The SHA announced a new Nurse Practitioner in Macklin, helping serving the community alongside doctors who travel from other communities several days a week.

MACKLIN — The Town of Macklin has shared a Saskatchewan Health Authority announcement stating that Lyann Gartner would now serve the community as nurse practitioner.

“The Macklin Clinic board has worked very closely with SHA to fill the position permanently,” Nicole Harbaruk, chair of the Macklin Clinic board, said.

“The community is so happy to welcome a homegrown nurse to the position which will finally provide Macklin and area with stability of service. “

Macklin currently has a doctor coming from Provost one day a week, as well as two doctors from Unity coming one day a week each.

The SHA release stated, “Lyann graduated with her nursing degree from Medicine Hat College/University of Calgary in 2012. She began employment in Provost, Alta. Following her graduation. Wanting to expand her career, Lyann entered the nurse practitioner program at the University of Regina, where she graduated in the summer of 2023.”

SHA release noted that Gartner’s past experience as a registered nurse in the surrounding communities would be an incredible asset to the community of Macklin and the surrounding area. Her practicums with the NP program were in Turtleford, Nipawin and Provost where she was able to work with Dr. Deagle and Dr. Erasmus.

SHA will inform the community when Gartner is able to start seeing patients and booking appointments at the clinic.  She will be starting off as a part-time position in January of 2024.