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Recreation continues to roll in Kerrobert

Kerrobert Rec. Director, Bobbi Hebron, provides update for the new year

KERROBERT - Despite the rise in cases across the province, Kerrobert arena has continued to forge on. Kerrobert Rec. Director, Bobbi Hebron says, “We have not made any changes at the rink as we continue to follow government guidelines. At the beginning of the season, we implemented increased cleaning and extra time between games, and we will continue that through the entire season.”

The Kerrobert Recreation Board are currently discussing plans and gathering quotes for smaller projects to be done in 2022. The board expects to run as usual but are also considering ways to improve and run more efficiently.

Spring projects in Kerrobert include the complete of the replacement of the Kerrobert Courthouse front steps, as well as the lights project at Rebels football field. Phase 1 of the street project is set to be completed. Hebron says she joins with the community in looking forward to seeing the completion of these projects in spring and summer of 2022.

Hebron also confirms the pool will be opening. Job postings will go out in February with the hiring practise taking place in March. There is some concern over lifeguard shortage as a few were lost when the pool was closed in 2020 due to COVID-19. As well, many of the senior lifeguards finished their university programs and went to work on the start of their careers. With upcoming lifeguard training courses at the indoor pool in Kindersley, it is hoped that some new guards can be recruited.

“I am looking into tree planting grants which involves a lot of footwork so that procedures are in place for the future with regards to tree care, types of trees to be planted and where they are needed, “adds Hebron.

The Prairie Community Centre calendar is filling up with wedding, events, and meetings for 2022.

“When COVID-19 is no longer a threat, I have no doubt that Kerrobert will enjoy a few years of the roaring 20’s, just as they did 100 years ago, “exclaims Hebron.