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Spotlight on Unity from MLA during legislative assembly

MLA Ryan Domotor speaks about Unity's community and residents during Fall Legislative Assembly.
Domotor Town of Unity Chambers
MLA Ryan Domotor sits ready in Unity council chambers for constituents questions during his mobile office tour in June.

UNITY – Unity has been a regular topic during the legislative assembly member statements.

MLA Ryan Domotor has spoken at the past four sessions showcasing the community. During the Oct. 18 session, Domotor recognized Unity resident Helen Martin for her courageous feat of writing a startling memoir of the abuse she endured from her stepmother as a child. He spoke on how her book became a best seller in June through the Friesen Press Bookstore and he said he hopes her story can help others who have or still are struggling with abuse and neglect.

At the Oct. 26 session, Domotor publicly congratulated athlete Shauna Hammer. Her bronze win in Mongolia put Canada and Saskatchewan in the limelight. He mentioned that her win was even more special as she had suffered an injury before the competition. He wished her continued success with all her future powerlifting endeavours.

Domotor spoke again on Oct. 31 to pay homage to the Unity Lions Club. He spoke about the work that has been put in over the years developing the walking paths within the community and how other clubs joined forces to get the job done. He wanted the province to know that with only 22 members, the Unity Lions Club continues to follow the motto “We Serve” within the community. Annually, the club helps with children’s games on July 1 at the museum grounds, gatekeeping at community events and contributing to the graduates with a scholarship and bursary.

Lastly, Domotor recognized the 40th anniversary of Unity Western Days. Due to the pandemic, the committee had to hold off from celebrating for two years. Domotor attended the banquet and participated in the parade this past June.  That the community comes together to put on the event and repeats it annually is remarkable, he said. He mentioned the rodeo committee had donated $40,000 to eight different community organization.

“I have been so very proud to serve the constituents of Unity and area since the 2020 election. The town of Unity is enriched with so many positives,” says Domotor.

He adds “Unity has many businesses, recreational spaces, numerous volunteer organizations and opportunities for all ages to be engaged. Unity, like most rural communities within the province of Saskatchewan, is most certainly one of the best places to live, work and raise a family.”

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