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Spray plane crashes near Luseland Aug. 17

Community volunteer fire departments must be trained and prepared for response to all kinds of emergency incidents, as evidenced by the Aug. 17 response to a spray plane crash near Luseland.

LUSELAND — The early morning of Aug. 17, Luseland Fire Department were dispatched to a spray plane crash near Luseland. The LFD asked people to stay clear of the area through a social media post.

STARS attended the scene, resulting in a detour on Highway 771.

Luseland Fire Chief Matt Rumohr says they were extremely lucky that a fire did not result from this incident as conditions are dry. Seven members of the LFD responded.

A response provided by media relations at the Transportation Safety Board of Canada states, “The TSB was notified of the aircraft accident on Aug. 17. We collected information and assessed the incident as a Class 5 occurrence. We did not deploy a team of investigators.”

The statement continued, stating, “As per the Occurrence Classification Policy (Appendix C), Class 5 occurrences are not subject to comprehensive investigations followed by an investigation report. However, data on Class 5 occurrences are recorded in suitable scope for possible future safety analysis, statistical reporting or archival purposes.”

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