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Storied Outlaw history drives current team success

A book published on the long history of the Wilkie Outlaws has this season's team looking to add another chapter.

WILKIE — The Wilkie Outlaws continue to be a success story in senior hockey circles. The team swept the first round of league playoffs and will now face off against Edam 3-Stars for semifinal action.

The team completed their provincial series sweep against the Willow Cree Chiefs and now head into the norther provincial final.

Player Derek Keller says, “Many of the local players currently on the Outlaws roster grew up in an era where the Outlaws were dominant, and in many cases, our fathers or uncles were a part of those teams so that winning tradition is certainly something we take a lot of pride in. “

Thirteen members of the 2022-23 Outlaws roster are considered local.

The Outlaws are looking to gain momentum in their playoff run and know fans in the stands is a contributing factor in their success on the ice.

Keller adds, “We get good fan support during the season but there are a lot of empty seats so we can certainly get more fans in the building. As we get into provincial and playoff season, we tend to get better crowds as the games begin to matter more. “

“We have an older team, so we are not sure how many more championship runs we are going to have with this group so we definitely will want to do our best to hang a couple more banners,” says Keller.

The community believes that the long era of success stories in the hometown Wilkie Outlaws hockey team will resonate in fan support for their team in their quest to add more championship banners to the arena's rafters.