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Swimming pool coming soon to Wilkie

Fundraising will still continue to fulfil the total cost of the project.
The residents of Wilkie will be able to take advantage of cooler summers with the new pool

WILKIE — Construction on the new pool in Wilkie will begin this summer. The Town of Wilkie was awarded provincial and federal funding from the Investing in Canadian Infrastructure Program for $1.9 million for the project.

The town will have to cover the remaining cost of the pool which will be approximately $800,000. With fundraising already in the works, the project still needs to raise close to $600,000.

The new swimming pool will be approximately 4,000 square feet with a beach entry, a diving board and water slide. At the same time, construction on a 4,000-square-foot change house will include men’s, women’s and family/handicap change rooms. Once the blueprints for the change house are finalized the town will be putting out a tender for bid.

The town, with the help of the engineering committee, has been working with Western Recreation to develop drawings for the pool itself. The building will also include an office for the guards, a reception area and a mechanical room. Consultation with Prairie Branches is included in the planning process.

There still is a lot of work ahead to raise the remaining funds for the new swimming pool so keep your eyes open for more events.