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The wait is over, 102-year-old time capsule contents revealed

A newly discovered time capsule, that was unrecorded in historic records, revealed during an extensive renovation project at the 102-year-old Kerrobert Courthouse, was opened June 23 in front of a large crowd

KERROBERT--June 23 was a big day in Kerrobert. Not only did members of the Kerrobert Courtoom Gallery unveil a new permanent sculpture created by a former resident, but they also had a large crowd gather for the opening of the mysterious time capsule that was discovered while undergoing their extensive front steps restoration project.

A number of dignitaries were on hand for the event with a large crowd, all eagerly anticipating the capsule’s contents. The discovery drew much interest across the province, thus enlisting a number of media outlets to be on hand for the opening.

Mayor Wayne Mock, said in his address, “There was great excitement when we discovered the time capsule and at first, we wanted to open it, but knew that it was a historical event and we wanted to share it with the community and the entire province.”

Some community members expressed their worry that the big event would reveal an empty box and curiosity was rampant leading up to the event. Mayor Wayne Mock, said in a Facebook live interview that everyone was guessing what those contents might be.

Mock was tasked with the opening and carefully removed the metal seal while aided by a gloved assistant who carefully removed each piece.

The 1920 capsule included what appeared to be a lot of paperwork and after extreme caution in removing each item, it was discovered the capsule contained paperwork, a photo that was captioned Wilson and Wilson general construction, as well as a stack of newspapers.

A spokesperson who assisted with the removal of items said they were advised not to unfold any papers so contents could adjust to humidity, thus leaving still a sense of curiosity of what the paperwork would be about.

Tara Neumeier, CAO of the Town of Kerrobert, said their group would be putting similar items along with other items back in the capsule to re-seal and put back in the location to keep it looking like the day it was initially placed and has stood for 102 years.

The jubilation and celebration continued with centenarians from Kerrobert helping to cut the cake as people mingled about the historic courthouse excitedly talking about what was discovered.

A full story on the opening of this 102-year-old recently discovered time capsule will follow