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UCHS drama season concludes with public performance and regional festival

For the first time since 2019, UCHS Drama team will take their production to Regional Drama Festival, taking place in North Battleford, March 31, after public performances March 26 and 27.

UNITY — Unity Composite High School drama team will conclude their season with a live theatre performance for the public March 26 and 27 to help them fine-tune their production before heading to Regional Drama Festival March 31 in North Battleford.

UCHS drama performed a winter production in December and has been working on its spring play since January.

UCHS teacher and drama director, Kyle Wood, says, “The production is Brent Holland's The Candidate. The Candidate finds four characters in a room together. They have no recollection of how they got there, who put them there or who they even are. As they search for a way out and get to know each other, they find someone may be using them for an unknown and possible sinister purpose. As the situation escalates, the characters must make difficult choices and explore the troubling side of human nature. “

The cast consists of Hailey Sacher, Jenay Bishop, Claire Moscrip, Jada Poitras, Hailey-Lynn Aldred and Carrie Poitras.  The crew supporting the production and cast are Elisha Avena, Alexis Mutch, Naycie Feser-Surine, Jacelyn Delhommeau and Ashley Loadman.

UCHS teachers Mr. Wood, Mrs. Poitras and Ms. Huber are the directors for this semester.

 “This also marks our first performance in the Saskatchewan Drama Association Regional Festival since 2019,” Wood notes.

“We'll be performing in North Battleford on March 31 after our performances at UCHS on Sunday and Monday.”

Actress, Carrie Poitras and stage manager, Ashley Loadman are both graduating members of the UCHS drama team. Carter Mutch, another 2023 graduate, acted in the winter production but is not part of the regional production.

The drama team dedicates much time to learning their lines, rehearsals, stage preparation, costume design and overall perfecting each season’s live theatre presentations. Students are excited to be back experiencing regional drama festival events since they were shut down in 2020.