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UFD respond to 40 calls so far in 2022

UFD will return to the tradition of hosting an annual open house and barbecue as part of Fire Prevention Week.

UNITY — Unity Fire Department members, so far in 2022, responded to 10 grass fires, two small structure fires, and eight motor vehicle collisions. Additionally, UFD received five false alarms and responded to 11 STARS landing assists at the hospital, as well as four lift assists with the ambulance.

Fire Chief Dwaine Kopp, says “We had a couple of additions to the hall this year one being new much-needed lockers and the other being automatic door openers, which helps save time getting to calls.”

Kopp adds, “We would like to thank Plains Midstream Canada for they're generous donations again this year. We had a 3/4-ton truck donated to the town fire department designated for a first response, chief’s truck. The rural department also had a one-ton truck donated for use as a wildland fire truck.”

Forty calls so far in 2022 and Kopp reminds everyone the year is not over yet.

Unity’s fire department currently has 19 members and there is always room for more. UFD members meet each week to review policies and procedures as well as participate in scheduled practices to ensure team members are proactive and prepared when the alarm bell rings.

In conjunction with Fire Prevention Week, UFD members will return to the tradition of hosting their annual open house and barbecue on Oct.13, giving residents a chance to meet this division of their community’s protective services as well as field any questions they may have on their work. It is always hoped that the event may result in new members joining the team. UFD currently has 19 volunteer fire fighters serving both town and rural areas.