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Unity hosts another Mid West Amateur MX Series Aug. 14

Unity twins pick up some hardware at Motocross races held in Unity

The Unity Motocross Club has played host to two events on the Mid-West Amateur series at the track in Unity.

The most recent event, Aug. 14, included the twin duo Bryer and Dezrae Paradis, 13-year-old Grade 8 students at UCHS.

Mom, Carrie Manchester, tells us, “This is the third-year racing for Bryer and Dezrae. Their first year was a big learning curve as they had never been on a track previous to their first race when they were 10 years-old.”

Bryer started the season with his CR 85 bike so as a result was racing in the 85 division and supermini motocross, but mid season, he upgraded to a KX 250 bike, so can only race in the D motocross events. Dezyrae Paradis has been racing in the 85 and ladies motocross.

At the June event, Bryer won second in Unity in his first race with his bigger bike so he was proud of that accomplishment. Dezyrae earned two third place finishes in the ladies division at her first two races of the year in Edam. At a Lloydminster event, she earned a second and third spot in the ladies division. The June Unity event, Dezyrae was excited to capture a first place in the ladies division.

Aug. 14, Bryer scored first in the D motocross division while Dezyrae earned second in the ladies division and third in the 85 motocross division.

The duo have been riding motorbikes since they were four years old. Participating in races was a way of challenging themselves as riders while having a whole lot of fun doing it with the added bonus of meeting new friends along the way. The Mid West Amateur Motocross Association keeps their races within a close distance of each other making for an easier commitment for riders.

Manchester says, “ A lot of volunteer hours go into pulling off such a successful event and the Unity Motocross Club has a lot to be proud of.”

You can see the full results of this event on the website