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Wild weather at Unity

Hail was part of a brief, intense storm experienced near and in Unity.

UNITY Residents were prepared for intense heat that forecasters had issued warnings for the weekend of June 18, however Mother Nature had different plans

The morning of June 18, thunderstorm watches and warnings were issued and quickly darkened skies followed. Between 10:30 and 11:00 a.m., the Unity Golf Course shared photos of golf-ball-size hail at the course west of Unity.

Clubhouse manager Tara Pilat says, “It hailed for maybe five minutes.”

After the system subsided golf course staff shared photos the hail, however PIlat said there was no noticeable damage immediately after, although an inspection would take place to ensure as likely leaves and branches would be part of the aftermath.

Kim and Karen McCubbing live west of Unity said hail also only lasted only a couple of minutes with a combination of marble-size hail, but some hailstones they shared photos of were the size of baseballs.

Dozens of other people posted photos of their hail experience from the system including Unity’s west side residents that reported varying hail sizes as well, while the east side of Unity only saw only momentary large raindrops for a brief period.  Some noted that it wasn’t just the size of hailstones that varied by shape as various pictures showed hailstones with jagged edges.

Crop and property damage is still being assessed.


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