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Feds announce funding for Regina rapid housing

Federal government announces $6.6 million in funding for 25 new Rapid Housing units in Regina.
Sandra Masters, Mayor of Regina  and Hon. Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion, made announcement on rapid housing funding on Monday morning. 

REGINA - The City of Regina is receiving $6.6 million in federal funding towards a new rapid housing initiative in the city.

The virtual announcement was made by Hon. Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion and Sandra Masters, Mayor of Regina on Monday morning. This investment is going towards creation of at least 25 new units to support the most vulnerable and those struggling to keep a roof over their heads. 

“I know that working with our partners including the City of Regina, Mayor Masters leading that effort, we will ensure that folks who need housing the most, the most vulnerable members of our community, can get the housing that they need so that they build the life that they deserve,” said Hussein. “So thank you so much for your cooperation and partnership Mayor Masters, and I look forward to these types of announcements in the future.”

“We know that investing in permanent housing helps address houselessness, which frees up transitional spaces, improves access to supports and reduces demands on public resources,” said Mayor Masters.

“Envisioning and advancing affordable housing is not possible without partnerships. In 2021 as the minister said, we were fortunate to be the recipients of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s previous Rapid Housing Initiative funding stream and we broke ground on Regina’s 29 unit Home Fire complex in September and that project is anticipated to be completed this September for occupancy. The City of Regina is also committed to working collaboratively with all levels of government in the nonprofit and private sectors to address housing insecurity in our community.

"I just want to state that the ongoing support from the federal government and the Rapid Housing Initiative is contributing positively to Regina and helping to build a brighter future for all of our residents. You know, developing new housing improves community safety, contributes to neighborhood revitalization and it really advances the notion that the minister spoke about which is deeply affordable homes. It contributes to the overall impact on addressing marginalized citizens within our community. So once again, I'll just say thank you very much Minister, thank you to the federal government for this funding. And we look forward to undertaking this next project over the next year.”

Regina is one of 41 recipients in the third round of the federal Rapid Housing Initiative funding stream. The Feds have announced an additional investment of $1.5 billion in the entire initiative to bring the program’s total to $4 billion. In this round, the federal government expects to build 4,500 rapidly-built affordable homes.

Regarding when and where this particular project will be built, Mayor Masters says the City of Regina is currently working through potential sites and an award on who will build it. They have until March 15 to solidify that, and she said “we will work towards getting this going as soon as possible.” 

A call has gone out to the community to run the units with multiple community based organizations making submissions, said Mayor Masters. There was no particular preference as to one organization or another; Masters said they were looking for those who believe they have the land and can provide units.

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