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Five things to know about COVID protocols in SHA facilities next week

Proof of vax requirements will be lifting in Sask. Health Authority facilities next week
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The Saskatchewan Health Authority will be lifting proof of vaccination requirements Sunday, but maintaining other COVID protocols.

REGINA —  The Saskatchewan Health Authority has provided some guidance on how facilities in the province will be proceeding, following the removal of the COVID-19 proof of vaccination policy on Sunday. 

The SHA has since shared what the public can expect at it's facilities following the removal of the public health order, which includes all hospitals, vaccine clinics, out-patient clinics, care homes, and other SHA affiliates.

Here’s five things to know when visiting SHA facilities beginning next week:

SHA facilities will not be asking for proof of vax from visitors.

The provincial public health order requiring proof of vaccination at set locations across Saskatchewan is set to expire on Feb. 14, which will include SHA facilities, long-term care homes and affiliates.

Beginning, Monday, members of the public visiting an SHA facility will no longer be asked to supply valid proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative test upon entry.

Mandatory masking will remain in place.

The proof of vaccination policy is the only mandate that will be changing on Feb. 14. Masking, screening and family presence directives will remain in place.

This means masks will still be mandatory at all times inside the facility, for staff and visitors. Patients, such as long-term care residents, may remove their masks only within their own room.

Other screening procedures will also not be changing at that time.

Screening procedures will also still be taking place, and visitors are asked to answer the screening questions “honestly and to the best of your ability.”

Visitation restrictions are remaining in effect.

Family presence and visitation directives will continue to be in place, which includes masking and visitation limits. 

More information on the levels of family presence being used by the SHA are available online.

COVID safety protocols are still being strongly encouraged.

While not required under a public health order, the SHA is strongly encouraging all visitors and staff to continue following safety measures.

Medical-grade face masks are recommended, and regular hand-washing and sanitizing are encouraged. 

The SHA is also asking the public to “be kind and respectful to everyone” within its facilities, warning that abusive language or actions will result in removal from the building.

“Transmission of COVID-19 and its variants will continue to pose a risk throughout the province,” said the SHA statement. “Residents are encouraged to make their own personal risk assessment when accessing SHA facilities.”