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May spotlight shows impaired driving still a problem

A total of 328 drivers caught after drinking or consuming drugs.
driving impaired
Driving under the influence could shatter summer plans.

REGINA — In May, law enforcement across the province were trying to weed out impaired drivers, and SGI reminded the public that cannabis may be legal, but you can’t drive after consuming it.

The results of the May Traffic Safety Spotlight are in, and police reported 328 offences related to impaired driving (numbers include offences related to both alcohol and drugs).  

Here’s how the numbers break down:  

· 208 Criminal Code charges  

· 120 administrative licence suspensions  

If you have high expectations for a great summer, an ounce of forethought can keep you out of trouble, so plan a safe ride, advises SGI. An impaired driving charge will shatter your summer plans, and comes with a stash of serious consequences like a vehicle impoundment, a licence suspension, financial penalties and a criminal record, a press release states.  

 There is zero tolerance for drug-impaired driving in Saskatchewan. Police use roadside testing devices and standardized field sobriety tests to find drivers under the influence of drugs. So if you’re rolling up to a police checkstop, you’ll want to make sure there are no drugs in your system. (With alcohol, consequences start when an experienced driver exceeds .04 blood alcohol concentration; new drivers aren’t allowed any alcohol whatsoever.) 

Police also reported the following results from May:      

· 6,112 drivers ticketed for speeding or driving aggressively; 

· 406 tickets issued for not wearing a seatbelt, wearing it incorrectly or having children improperly restrained; and 

· 748 distracted drivers, including 655 drivers using a mobile device. 

For more information about cannabis and driving, please visit the SGI and Government of Saskatchewan websites.  

Check out SGI on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for a chronic source of  informative traffic safety knowledge.  





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