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Morgan puts brakes on SaskTel plan to charge for email

Minister for SaskTel Don Morgan announces he instructed SaskTel to keep email free for its 88,000 users.
minister don morgan
Minister Responsible for SaskTel Don Morgan has nixed a plan to charge customers for email.

REGINA — Minister for SaskTel Don Morgan has put an end to SaskTel plans to start charging a monthly fee for its email users. 

SaskTel had recently announced plans to charge users $1.95 a month for the previously free SaskTel email, with the change set to happen April 21 for all users of SaskTel email.

But the plan received a swift negative reaction from users, with many threatening to bolt for the other free email services out there. 

Late Friday afternoon, Morgan issued the following statement:

“Following the decision from SaskTel earlier this week to implement a monthly fee for email users, I have spoken with Saskatchewan residents and heard their concerns. 

“As a result, I have instructed SaskTel to keep email addresses free of charge for SaskTel subscribers.

“This change will positively affect approximately 88,000 Saskatchewan residents. 

“The government of Saskatchewan and SaskTel will continue to work hard to deliver the best and most affordable possible service for SaskTel users.”