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New policy: Know how loud is too loud

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A new policy defining excessive vehicle noise – and how to measure it — is to be implemented later this year

REGINA — Vehicle owners in Saskatchewan will soon be able to know exactly how loud is too loud. 

Excessively loud vehicles in communities are disruptive to residents and distracting to other drivers, according to SGI. SGI is working on a new provincial policy to objectively identify excessive vehicle noise. The policy is expected to be implemented in late spring or early summer of 2023.  

“Right now, determining whether a vehicle is excessively loud is up to the discretion of law enforcement, which can make it difficult to enforce because the criteria are subjective,” said JP Cullen, COO of the Saskatchewan Auto Fund.

“This policy will remove all guesswork by introducing an objective way to measure whether or not a vehicle is creating excessive noise.”  

Having objective criteria will allow vehicle owners to know whether their vehicle is excessively loud so they can make the necessary changes to bring it into compliance, says SGI.

Over the next few months, SGI will be working to finalize the standard of how to better identify excessive vehicle noise. That work will involve completing request-for-proposal processes, working with partners and finalizing the policy and implementation plan. 

Once the policy is finalized, SGI will be hosting free educational days where there will be opportunities for motorists to test their vehicles. These tests will be in accordance with new policy and will be done without any consequence so motorists can know if their vehicle meets guidelines.  


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