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Sask. opens 4th booster vaccines to at-risk individuals

Fourth doses against COVID-19 are now open to select individuals, as Omicron cases rise in Saskatchewan.
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Some Saskatchewan residents will be able to head into clinics for fourth doses, beginning immediately.

REGINA — Following a rise in COVID-19 cases over both Christmas and New Years, public health has announced that more booster vaccines will now be available to select residents.

Individuals who are “moderately to severely immunocompromised “ and have already received a third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine will be able to seek out a fourth dose from clinics beginning immediately.

This includes those who have received a letter of eligibility for their booster dose from the Ministry of Health, such as those who are receiving immuno-suppresive therapies, have been diagnosed with HIV or are organ transplant recipients.

Fourth doses will be offered a minimum of three months after a third dose was delivered, said public health.

On Jan. 4, public health reported that over 60,000 immunization appointments are currently available through the Saskatchewan Health Authority’s booking system, alongside availabilities at participating pharmacies.

Residents are also reminded to update their MySaskHealthRecord vaccine certificate following their booster doses, to show the most up-to-date vaccine information. This includes regenerating a new QR code, if necessary.

A full list of individuals identified as at-risk or immunocompromised can be found online through the Saskatchewan government’s COVID-19 website.