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Brady farmhouse has been home to six generations

The Old Brady Farmhouse outside of Carlyle has a rich history and has been home to some wonderful people.
Old Brady Farmhouse Carlyle
A picture of the old Brady farmhouse, from left to right, Lucas, Adam and Larry Brady.

CARLYLE - Nestled 15 minutes northwest of Carlyle on the Saskairie Road, a majestic brick house has withstood the test of time.

Joseph Brady and his wife Ernestina emigrated from South Dakota in 1901 and homesteaded on farmland located near the Moose Mountains.

The Bradys were progressive grain and cattle farmers and raised a large family consisting of six sons and two daughters. Between 1909 and 1911, they decided to build a brick residence.

They selected local tradesmen for the construction and chose two different colours of brick. Apparently, the red brick came from Estevan and the yellow brick from Arcola.

The house is impressive in both its size and charisma. The fir beam ceilings are nine feet high and there are three stories including a basement, main floor, upstairs and attic. The 15 stairs and window frames are originals as is the beautifully handcrafted banister.

There have been many renovations done over the years, but the base structure has remained intact over time. The home is now over 110 years old and is designated as a Century Farm.

After Joseph and Ernestine lived in the house, the property was turned over to one generation of Bradys after another. Their grandson Joe (son of Charlie) and wife Adeline lived in the house for many years. There is a large root cellar that happily fed everyone during the long winter months.

In its day it had a dumbwaiter which was used frequently. The cistern holds 2,000 gallons of rainwater, and it was noted that one winter Adeline did not need to replenish the water supply. During the ‘50s and ‘60s, they hosted many small house parties and dances inviting local friends and relatives.

Joe and Adeline’s son Larry and his wife Marilyn lived in the house from 1981 to 2019.

“It is a beautiful home that has stood the test of time. To our recollection, we have never had to replace a red brick, a yellow brick or any of the foundation stones. Pictures from when the property was built show nothing but bald prairie and dirt.

“Trees have been planted over time and we have evergreen trees in our yard that are a hundred years old and a hundred feet high. We were fortunate to be gifted a full playground set from our friends Joe and Glenna Nicolay a few years ago, and this has provided hours of entertainment for the young Brady families.” 

Carlyle has been home to many Brady descendants over the years. Some of the local relatives with roots to this home include Ed Brady, whose father Henry was raised in the house, and Randy Brady, whose grandfather Hester was raised there.

At the turn of the 20th century, there were many brick houses built in the area, but there are very few standing and still lived in. The current residents are Larry and Marilyn’s son Lucas and his wife Carlee. They are parents to Charlie, 7, Eden, 5, and Adam, nine months, and are the sixth generation of Bradys to live in this home.

The view from the homestead is breathtaking and one can see the town of Carlyle clearly. With the recent rains, the pastures and hills are green. A home for generations of a local family.