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Estevan Mercury 4-H Member of the Month: Kaylee Boettcher

Kaylee Boettcher is new to 4-H, and she wishes she had joined earlier.
Kaylee Bottcher 4-H
Kaylee Boettcher has enjoyed her first year in 4-H.

Editor's note: This is the latest in our Nelson Motors' 4-H Member of the Month profiles. We salute 4-H for all it does in the community and for the work it does with young people in our communities. And we thank Nelson Motors for the continued support of this profile. 

Name: Kaylee Boettcher

Club: Browning 4-H Club

Age: 16

Age group: Senior

Years in 4-H: One


Kaylee Boettcher hasn’t been part of 4-H for long, but it also hasn’t taken her much time to realize the benefits of the organization.

Boettcher is in her first year with the Browning 4-H Club. She decided to join because her family now has horses, and she wanted to improve her riding skills.

“There were many different things that they were teaching that I didn’t know yet,” she said. 

She has learned how to work on the horses’ feet. Members also learn all of the parts of the horse and the riding tack, such as saddles and bridles.

“We have been starting to learn all of the different breeds and markings on the horses, and then we’ve learned how to ride, and then all of the different gaits, which would be walking, trotting and galloping for the older kids who feel they are able to do that motion,” Boettcher said.  

Then she joined the beef project because she wanted to do something with steers and cattle. Before she entered the cattle stream, she didn’t know anything about them. 

She wishes she had joined 4-H earlier, because it’s a great club.

“With all of the different people, you’re always learning new things, and you can go off of what other people are doing to help you learn better, and that’s just one of the things that I really enjoy. You can easily make friends in there, because all of the kids are so nice,” said Boettcher. 

The Browning 4-H Club has allowed her to work on her public speaking skills, too. It’s an important skill to learn.

“You have to do all of your speeches, and go to achievement days, and you constantly have to talk, so it really boosts up your confidence,” said Boettcher. 

She applauded the sponsors who have backed the club, and Glenn Gress and other club leaders for allowing the members to participate in all of the different projects.