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Estevan Mercury 4-H Member of the Month: Kenzie White

Kenzie White loves working with animals, so 4-H is perfect for her.
Kenzie White is an active 4-H member in Carievale.

Editor's Note: The following is our latest 4-H Member of the Month, sponsored by Nelson Motors and Equipment. We thank Nelson Motors for their continued support of this initiative, and we salute 4-H for continuing to make a difference in the lives of young people. 

Name: Kenzie White

Club: Carievale 4-H Beef Club

Age: 17

Age Group: Senior

Years in 4-H: Eight


Regardless of whether it’s been working with horses or cattle, Kenzie White has found a lot of enjoyment through 4-H.

White is currently in her fourth year with the Carievale 4-H Beef Club. But her first introduction to 4-H came when she was part of the Glen Ewen 4-H Trailblazers, which is a light horse 4-H club. She spent four years with them.

“I was obsessed with horses when I was younger. I kept seeing the 4-H club in the papers, we’d talk about it in school, and it became a fixation and it never went away,” said White.

She was excited to do something with animals, and she wanted to make more friends, so she believed a common interest in horses would help. Not only did she meet new people and have some great experiences, she remains close with one of the families she met.

White joined the Carievale club in the fall of 2019 because she grew up on a cattle farm and she really wanted a cow that she could train to be her best friend, which she did with a cow named Clover. The Carievale club has been “amazing”, she said.

“I’ve enjoyed all of the experiences and all of the people I’ve met that are in the cattle industry. I never knew how many neighbours I have that are in 4-H before I joined,” she said.

It’s a great feeling to take an animal from when it was a baby and see it receive all sorts of ribbons.

White has enjoyed curling and bulling days in 4-H because she gets to meet people from other clubs who she wouldn’t have met otherwise. And she likes to groom the cattle and work as a team to help the animals look great.

She has also been in 4-H’s public speaking program, and she has travelled to vet clinics, sales barns and feed lots to see how they run their cattle businesses. She went to horse and PMU barns through the Glen Ewen club.

“I’ve been all over our southeast corner, touring farms and all of those cool things,” she said.

The 4-H movement is a great one to be part of because of the people she met and the experiences she has had, and White would recommend it to others.

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