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Increase in popularity of lentils

Sometimes a very random event brings a writer to an idea for a weekly column. Recently I was in a local sandwich shop in Yorkton and decided to try the spicy black bean offering.

Financial issues of Broadacre Agriculture

With the recent financial issues of Broadacre Agriculture, discussed in this space a couple of weeks ago the issue of who owns land in Saskatchewan is back on the front burner for a time.

Diversification for Canadian farmer

Canadian farmers have tried to diversify in a list of ways, both in terms of field crops, and livestock.

The evolution of farming is amazing, startling, crazy, and scary.

The evolution of farming is amazing, startling, crazy, and scary.

Readdressing concerns of grain transportation

So the last two weeks I wrote about the retreaded ideas for addressing the concerns of grain transportation at the recent Grain Millers Harvest Showdown.
Worry over the humble honey bee

Worry over the humble honey bee

Who would have thought the humble honey bee would become the sounding bell to raise public concern over a growing environmental effort. The concern revolves around the apparent impact neonicotinoids have on bee populations.

Farmers caring for livestock

How farmers care for their livestock has become one of the big consumer questions. Or, at least it seems that way. Ask a person on the street if they want drug injected beef and the answer is likely to be no.

The idea of biodiesel production

It is sometimes interesting how something pops up one day, quite by happenstance and the next thing you know you see it popping up in other places. An example happened to me recently.

No easy solution to water and farming

The issue of water and farming is one which just won't go away. The reason it persists is simple enough to understand, there is just not an easy solution to the core questions at play.

Mother Nature's impact on agriculture

Nothing can make an agricultural columnist look more wrong than Mother Nature. That singular fact has been brought back to slap me across the back of the head in the last couple of weeks.