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Estevan city council awards road paint tender for 2024

Council discussed a number of topics at most recent meeting.
Estevan city council 2021
The current Estevan city council.

ESTEVAN - Estevan city council has awarded the traffic paint tender to Sherwin Williams for $41,667.85 for its ProMar line paint.

In a report to council at the April 22 meeting, Hayley DeConinck, the manager of the city's public works roads and drainage division, noted the city uses an alkyd-based paint for traffic lines, parking lots and handicapped stalls, and has had success with this paint. She also said this paint has been used the past few years.

Coun. Shelly Veroba noted some people have previously expressed concerns that the paint doesn't last as long as it used to. Veroba added the city now has to meet environmental standards with its pain, so it won't last as long as when lead was used.


The city's membership with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities for 2024-25 will cost $3,068.13. There is a base fee of $577.50 for a community of Estevan's size, and a per capital rate that amounts to $2,450.63.


Council approved a new violence policy and prevention plan, which applies to all City of Estevan employees, visitors, customers, students, council members and the mayor, volunteers working on behalf of the city, individuals in fee-for-service contracts, and any others conducting affairs at the workplace.

It was prepared by safety co-ordinator Helen Fornwald. She noted the Saskatchewan Employment Act requires all workplaces to have a violence policy and a prevention plan by May 17.

"Violence means the attempted, threatened or actual conduct of a person which causes or is likely to cause injury," the policy states. "It includes any threatening statement or behaviour that gives an employee reasonable cause to believe that the employee is at risk of injury."

Coun. Rebecca Foord noted the policy says citizens of Estevan might be banned for a period of time from a service or facility if deemed necessary to stop or prevent the violence exposure. She asked that with the number of people from out of town coming to Estevan's facilities, a change should be made to all facility users. Council agreed with the request.


During the inquiries portion of the meeting, Veroba reminded people to include their name, phone number and address when submitting a request. Without that information, she doesn't know if the person resides within city limits.