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Want Scotties 2026 to come to Estevan? Secure your ticket now, committee asks

The Estevan Curling Club has formed a dedicated committee of about 10 members to lead the effort of bringing the Scotties 2026 to the city. Four members partook in the chamber's latest Coffee Talk on June 5 to share how the event would benefit the community and how the community can support their bid.
A dedicated committee of about 10 members leads the effort to bring the national Scotties Tournament of Hearts 2026 to Estevan. Members Pauline Ziehl Grimsrud, Helen Fornwald, Shirley Hildebrand and Pam Dechief partook in the chamber's latest Coffee Talk.

ESTEVAN — "Hosting the 2026 Scotties Tournament of Hearts in Estevan is projected to generate a minimum $6 million economic impact for our community. This event will bolster local business, leaving a lasting legacy of prosperity. To present an irresistible bid, the Estevan Curling Club needs your help," the Estevan Chamber of Commerce wrote on their social media.

Estevan is making a bid to host the prestigious Scotties Tournament of Hearts, the national women's curling championship, slated for early 2026. It's expected that 18 of Canada's top women's curling teams would be in Estevan, with the rest of the national and international curling community watching the sports events unfolding in the Energy City – if Estevan were to be selected as the host venue.

The Estevan Curling Club has formed a dedicated committee of about 10 members to lead the effort of bringing the Scotties 2026 to the city. Four members, including Pauline Ziehl Grimsrud, manager of the Estevan Curling Club, Helen Fornwald, president of CurlSask, long-term club member Shirley Hildebrand and Pam Dechief, partook in the chamber's latest Coffee Talk on June 5 to share how the event would benefit the community and how the community can support their bid.

"This is a little bit different than our other bids. Before, when we made our announcements, we already had been accepted. This is a different process with Curl Canada," said Ziehl Grimsrud.

Fornwald noted that while Estevan has never hosted the Scotties, the city successfully hosted other major provincial tournaments, which all go beyond sports.

"The Scotties is not about curling. It's showcasing our community of Estevan, southeast Saskatchewan and our province. They're going to be flying into Regina and making their way to Estevan, except for probably the province of Manitoba [representatives], they'll be close enough that they can drive. The national and international attention that world event will bring to our community and the positive impact on our reputation," Fornwald said.

She noted the community is rallying behind the bid, with many eager to volunteer even before the bid has been secured.

"People are coming up saying I want to volunteer. Hold on, you can, but we got to make sure we get it first," shared Fornwald​​.

"It's so different because we're always excited when we know we got the event, we make the announcement and away we go. ... This is the complete opposite. We don't know if we have it. And we've got a lot of work to do before we get it. And then once we get it, we have a lot of work to do after."

Dechief noted that Estevan's volunteer base is incredible with very rare cancellations and many people willing to help wherever needed. 

Estevan's bid faces competition from Prince Edward Island and another Canadian city, making the preparation process even more critical​​. Local committee members have experience from previous major events, including an understanding of the need for volunteers for timing, working with officials, dealing with the financial side of things and more.

Hosting the Scotties Tournament of Hearts is projected to bring a substantial economic boost to Estevan, with an estimated revenue impact of $6 million. This figure, provided by Curling Canada, underscores the potential benefits of the event beyond the sport itself​​, allowing many southeast businesses to profit from either directly serving the needs of athletes and fans or seeing an increase in customers due to a higher number of people in the community.

"We want to bring this to Estevan. We feel it's a prestigious event that everyone in our community can benefit from. But the first thing we need to do is a commitment to ticket sales," Fornwald said.

"Traditionally, we go in the community and ask for sponsorship for the events. But in this case, our group is going to the community, to business organizations, individuals asking to support the bid. And how we're doing that is by pre-selling ticket packages. It's the reverse to you get the bid, then you buy your tickets. With this event, we need to pre-sell our tickets before the event to show the support that we have," she added.

The committee is asking for $100 deposits for tickets to show Curling Canada there is sufficient support in Estevan for the event. If Estevan is approved for the 2026 Scotties, purchasers will be contacted by Curling Canada with a pre-sale opportunity. The deposit would be applied to the ticket selection. If Estevan is unsuccessful, there will be a full refund. If the event is to take place in Estevan, there will be three packages available: opening weekend, the championship weekend and the full event.

"Curling Canada wants to see that building filled, just like in Calgary [where the Scotties was held in 2024]. So that's why we're doing what we're doing to try and secure that bid," Fornwald said, noting that CurlSask is backing their bid.

E-transfers are a preferred option for deposits, but they also accept cash and cheques.

"We want to welcome our curlers to our community, from all across Canada, not just from Saskatchewan. They're going to come and they're going to support our local [economy]. We have a great spirit of fans, whether it's hockey, soccer, ball, football, doesn't matter what sport or cultural event, arts, music, we've got great support in the community," Fornwald said. "With a state-of-the-art facility and a passion for the sport Estevan promises, the athletes, spectators, the sponsors are to have another memorable experience in our city for the 10 days that we're potentially running the event."

The committee noted that any businesses and politicians can also provide their letters of support, which can be emailed to the Estevan Curling Club at [email protected].

They also encourage people to share information about the event on social media, and with people all across Saskatchewan to help ensure Estevan is successful in this bid.

The committee has to submit the finalized bid package by September. Following that, the bid committee will come to Estevan in October to tour the community and talk to people before making the final decision that will be announced in December.

The tournament is scheduled for Jan. 23-Feb. 1, 2026, slightly earlier than usual due to the 2026 Winter Olympics.

The committee noted the commitment and enthusiasm of the local community could play a pivotal role in securing the bid and showcasing Estevan on a national stage.