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Observer welcomes a new freelance reporter

Nicole Northild lives in Carnduff.
Nicole Northild is eager to be a freelance reporter with the Observer.

CARLYLE - I’ve been delighted to share the stories of our local people these last few weeks, so it seems only fair that I tell a little of my own.

I live in Carnduff with my giant white sheep dog named Stradivarius (Strad). I moved down here, from Meadow Lake almost three years ago.

The oldest of five kids, I grew up on a farm in Alberta, though I have spent more than half my life in Saskatchewan. This area very much reminds me of where I was raised in central Alberta, with its landscapes of pumpjacks and farms.

A Prairie girl to the core, I am proud of the pioneer, independent spirit that is found in our blood. This land was said to be uninhabitable and yet here the people came to make a home for us and we have stayed and endured. Doing research on this southeast corner of Saskatchewan, I have found that it is rich in history with tales of people’s triumphs and struggle.

I am a firm believer that the written word can change the world and that everyone has strange and interesting stories, tales that will excite you or break your heart. My favorite part of writing for the paper is meeting a myriad of people that I wouldn’t probably normally meet, and that is great because then I can tell those stories to you.

Thank you to all those that have and will be opening up your lives, hobbies and businesses to me.