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Carlyle Cubs Learning Centre is now open

Three infants, 10 toddlers and 17 preschoolers have been enrolled.
From left, local resident Dennis Feduk and staff at the Carlyle Cubs Learning Centre, Gail Cox, Jamie-Lynn Fleming, Kayla Brown, Kait Babin, Billie Rolufs and Kenna Hagel. Feduk provided the children with chocolate chip cookies.

CARLYLE - The Carlyle Cubs Learning Centre officially opened on March 1 after being formally approved for 30 childcare spaces by the provincial government.

Three infants, 10 toddlers and 17 preschoolers have been enrolled and several remain on a waiting list.

Facility director Kayla Brown is extremely pleased to see the learning centre opened on schedule.

“A lot of work has been put into the Carlyle Cubs Learning Centre to get us to the point of receiving our licence and officially opening. The board of directors have all gone above and beyond and I just can’t thank them enough,” said Brown.

“Our full-time staff have been working hard the past few days to make the environment perfect for our children. It’s great to see the smiling faces every day as they enter their new home away from home.”

Gail and Rodney Cox moved to Carlyle in September 2022. Gail previously worked in the day care profession and was pleased to be hired as a level 3 early childhood educator (ECE).

“I am really excited to be part of the Carlyle Cubs Learning Centre. I’m really looking forward to helping,” said Gail Cox.

Rui and Arial Du are Carlyle residents who are pleased that their town has its own day-care facility up and running.

“We feel blessed and grateful to have a daycare in our own hometown. It provides us comfort as parents to know that if there are any troubles, our daughter is close by if she needs anything or if an emergency arises,” said Arial. “I want to thank all the staff, Kayla Brown, and anyone involved in any way for making this happen. I also want to thank Arcola Daycare for briefly taking care of our daughter as well.”

The Carlyle Cubs Learning Centre has greatly appreciated all the attention and donations they have received during the past few weeks.