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City of Estevan assures public water is safe to use despite odor

Odor and taste issue stems from increased runoff and warmer temperatures at water source.
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The City of Estevan has provided an update on water issues in the community.

ESTEVAN - The City of Estevan is advising the public that the water is safe to use despite a recent odor issue.

In a news release, the city stated it is aware of an increased concern due to the smell coming from the water in the community. The city pulls its water from Rafferty Dam and due to increased runoff and the warmer temperatures, this has caused a distinct smell and taste in the water.

The City would like to assure the community that it has done increased testing with no issues. Third party testing has also been completed and shows that water is safe to consume and use as per usual.

“The odour and taste that is present should subside in the coming week,” the news release said.