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Dog groomer returns to Stoughton vet business

Susan Ludwig brings a variety of experiences to her current job.
Kango, the four-year-old recue dog that was hit by a vehicle and had a limb removed, visits with dog groomer Susan Ludwig.

STOUGHTON - Susan Ludwig has always had a love for animals, especially dogs and cats. 

She was born and raised in Estevan and lived most of her life there while working in retail, but this was not the career she was happy with; she wanted to work with animals. 

Ludwig went to Leduc, Alta., to attend a three-month dog grooming course at the AB Dog Grooming School and Woodsvail Dog Grooming. Once she completed her course, she returned to Estevan. 

She started up her own business called Sue’s Dog Styling, which kept her extremely busy for 15 years. 

At the end of the 15 years, when Ludwig’s sister asked her to come to Vancouver, Ludwig thought this would be a good change for her, so she packed up and moved there. 

This was not the move she thought it would be. Although she only lived a 20-minute walk from the ocean, the city was busy, and she missed the Prairies. 

The rainy, humid weather was also something that Ludwig could not adjust to, and she missed the openness of Saskatchewan. 

After a year of being in B.C., she packed up again and returned to her Prairie roots, this time taking the train. Ludwig said going by train was amazing and beautiful. 

She settled into Stoughton with her dog Cozmo, and her two cats Neumann and Belle. 

At the time Stoughton Veterinarian Services was in the process of building a new clinic, so Ludwig contacted Dr. Anne Kernaleguen about a groomer position. 

This turned out to be a great phone call for Ludwig, as she has worked there for seven years. 

Ludwig became ill and needed to take some time off work, but has returned and is happy to be back. 

It is not only grooming that she looks after. The kennel area is also her responsibility. With dogs and cats being kenneled, she takes the dogs for walks and ensures the kennels are clean. 

Ludwig loves her job and says that Kernaleguen is an amazing boss. Not only is she great with her staff, but also with her clients. 

“It is great to be in the Prairies,” said Ludwig, “and to be working with animals.”