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Last Birds perform at the Artist Colony cabins

For the first time, Arnold is attending the colony with her unique display of art work.
Lindsay Arnold and Mike Davis of Last Birds performed at the Artist Colony.

MOOSE MOUNTAIN PROVINCIAL PARK — Last Birds, the husband-and-wife folk music duo of Mike Davis and Lindsay Arnold, performed at the Artist Colony in Moose Mountain Provincial Park recently.

For the first time, Arnold is attending the colony with her unique display of art work.

“It is crazy I have never been here before when I live so close,” said Arnold.

She said it is the most beautiful place and it's peaceful.

Throughout her school years, she always enjoyed art, and as she grew older, she began communicating about women’s lives through her art.

Arnold's art is in the SKArts permanent collection and in private collections around the world.

“A doily when freshly made is like a young woman,” said Arnold. “But as they age the doily stretches and is worn and losses it shapes, just like a woman.”

This is what she shows through her art. Each piece tells a story.

Not only is Arnold an artist, but she is also a songwriter and musician. She has made music videos and stop motion projects.

Her husband has been involved in music since he was 16 years old and is a skilled guitarist, teaching Arnold how to play the guitar as well.

The duo began to sing together and write songs about their small community. Their songs are inspired by family gatherings, and the talks after thanksgiving dinners. These are stories told by the elderly and involve the history of places.

Last Birds released their first EP in April 2021. They have also been part of the folk trio Hook & Nail with Jeff Michel.

From Sept. 1-3, while at the artist cabin in the colony, they performed some of their songs, explaining the little history behind the lyrics.

Arnold has enjoyed her time at the colony and is grateful for the opportunity to be there. She hopes to return in the future.