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New trucking business to help locals with smaller tasks

Anderson Custom Hauling was organized this summer, but its owner and operator, Estevan's George Anderson, has been doing different jobs in Estevan and the southeast for a while.

ESTEVAN — Need to haul a big load to the dump, move something or get some landscaping done in the yard? A new local business has equipment, skills and willingness to help with any need.

Anderson Custom Hauling was organized this summer, but its owner and operator, Estevan's George Anderson, has been doing different jobs in Estevan and the southeast for a while.

An experienced heavy equipment operator, working as a dragline operator at Westmoreland Mining LLC's Estevan mine, Anderson also used to drive a semi truck and felt there could be more use for his skills and equipment.

 "I used to drive a semi, and I really missed just going down the highway, so I started doing a little bit of hauling further away from home. People needed some cars hauled here and there. That's how I got started and then just went from there," Anderson said.

"I saw an opening, where there's a lot of big companies around here that don't really like to do small jobs, they want to do big, money-maker jobs. So, there's a little bit of a gap in there for just homeowners looking for somebody small and convenient to do their small jobs."

He noted that he also went through some changes in his personal life and needed a distraction, so he put his energy into the new business.

"I just put my head to the ground and said, well, I'm just going to work every day and make myself the best I can be and get my little business going. And here I am," Anderson shared.

He registered the business in early August and is looking forward to helping people with their hauling and landscaping needs.

"I just like to keep it fairly small and help the community and homeowners that need little projects done. No job is too small," Anderson said.

Anderson Custom Hauling has two diesel trucks, three trailers and a skid-steer. One of the trailers is available for rent, while the other equipment allows Anderson to provide such services as landscaping, concrete removal, snow removal and any kind of hauling with an end-dump or flat-deck trailer.

"I can haul anything away like scrap iron, excess dirt from different projects that the homeowners did, garbage, anything like that. And then the custom hauling part is basically anything from bales to cars to scrap iron to fridges and stoves, anything," Anderson said.

"I did some snow removal for neighbours before, and now that I have a trailer, I can provide other services too, and haul that snow away, because some homeowners don't have any space to put that excess snow."

Currently, it's just Anderson who is doing all the jobs, but he hopes that if the demand for his services is there, he will eventually hire employees and grow the business. And he believes that small projects would add up and allow for that growth, especially since they are affordable.

"I'm very affordable. I'm not greedy. I'm looking to get my name out there and start moving on. The community has been really good to me. There are a lot of good people, so I just want to give something back to the community and help people out. I like to save money myself if I'm doing a project, and I can help somebody else out too," Anderson said.

For more information about the business and its services, people can text or call Anderson at 306-461-6338.

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