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Photos: Stoughton holds inaugural snowmobile poker rally

Stoughton Pool Board hosted the event during the Family Day long weekend.

STOUGHTON - The Stoughton Pool Board held its first annual snowmobile poker rally on Feb. 18.

Breakfast started the day, with volunteers serving up pancakes and sausage from 8-10 a.m. in the newly-renovated kitchen at the arena.

Registration began at 10 a.m. and ran until noon. Town Councillor Scott Ogilvie and recreation director Steve Massel took care of this, along with 50-50 tickets being sold.

Each person who registered for the rally pulled five cards from a deck, and at the end of the day the person with the best poker hand would win half of the registration pot.

Nearly 50 people signed up, and they could either ride the trails or enjoy the comfort of the warm arena kitchen, and watch kids enjoying the ice.

While on the trails the riders had two stops, one at Melrose Place and the other at Blue Line. The firepit was heated and hot chocolate was served to those who wanted some. Volunteers greeted the riders at each stop.

These trails are part of the Moose Mountain Snowmobile Club and are maintained by them as well.

When everyone returned by 5 p.m. the draw was held for the best poker hand.

“Winner, winner, chicken dinner,” said Ogilvie when he found out he had the best hand with three aces.

The 50/50 draw winner went to Danielle Hoffman of Stoughton, while a silent auction table of approximately 30 items saw a lot of action. Another table held raffle draws.

The kitchen remained open throughout the day with volunteers serving up the customers.

Ogilvie said the funds raised will help with the fence that will be put up around the pool, along with a gazebo.

They were pleased with the outcome of the day, with it being the first one.

Ogilvie said events like this are not possible without the many donations received and all the volunteers that came out to help.

It is their hope to make it better and better each year to have people come to their community to enjoy the events.