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Guilty? Take your slap and carry on

She participates in the murders of three young girls - one of whom was her own sister.

She participates in the murders of three young girls - one of whom was her own sister. She served just 12 short years for three manslaughter convictions, and now, after just five years of being released from prison she's eligible for a pardon? Just like that it's all behind her because Canadian laws say she has the right? What's wrong with this picture?

And why is a convicted murderer entitled to so many rights when her victims no longer have any?

As I type, the federal government is reportedly busy at work trying to draft new legislation that will prevent notorious killer Karla Homolka from obtaining a pardon. When July rolls around Homolka is legally entitled to apply and the facts say that more than 99 per cent of all pardon applications that reach the adjudication stage in Canada, are granted.

According to the National Parole Board, the Criminal Records Act doesn't allow board members to distinguish between types of crimes, only to ensure a convict is eligible. Wow. That's ridiculous! There's a far cry between a minor drug charge and the murder of three people... and while some may say Homolka has paid her price to society if you ask me, given the nature of her crimes, she should carry the repercussions with her for life. Her victims families have been forced to. To simply hand over full freedom and rights to someone who admitted guilt and plea bargained her time down to next to nothing, is a slap in the face to the victims, their families and the rest of Canada's law abiding society.

???Now I'm not mentioning any names but I happen to know a couple of people with very minor charges from 25 to 30 years ago. Minor charges that seem to have permanently affected their criminal record. No, there is no "good" charge, but these people are productive, law abiding stand up citizens today who made silly, yet harmless choices in their younger years - yet are they just handed out pardons? Not even close. It's a long, drawn out and expensive process with no guarantee in the end. Why should a minor charge from 30 years ago be considered the equivalent to a murder that took place just a decade ago?

We can't change things over night but it's high time we start taking steps in the right direction and getting our legal system on track..