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Conservative incumbent Jeremy Patzer hoping to extend his time as MP

"It was important to continue the work of a MP, with the best interest of the people in mind,” said Jeremy Patzer.
Jeremy Patzer
Jeremy Patzer is the incumbent MP who is seeking re-election.

ASSINIBOIA - Incumbent Jeremy Patzer was first elected as MP for Cypress-Hills Grassland during the last election, and he is hoping to extend his time serving the community in Parliament. The Conservative Party candidate had to adapt quickly to changes made across the country, especially after COVID-19 regulations were put in place last year.

“You had to adapt quickly to the regulations that were made, seeing how things changed quickly during the pandemic. It was important to continue the work of a MP, with the best interest of the people in mind,” said Patzer.

He said that one of the biggest challenges was the fact that working remotely changed the dynamic of face-to-face meetings. “You didn’t have the same opportunity to bump into a colleague in the hall, or go see a minister at their office to have an extra side conversation. It was harder to have general team building and camaraderie due to the changes.”

On the first day of the Federal Election campaign, Erin O’Toole, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives, released Canada’s Recovery Plan, the Conservative plan to secure the future.

“This election is about who you think can get us out of the recession and rebuild the economy,” said O’Toole. “While the Liberals, NDP, Bloc, and Greens have no plan for Canada’s recovery after the pandemic, Canada’s Conservatives are relentlessly focused on creating jobs, increasing wages, and getting Canada’s economy back on track as quickly as possible.”

Only Canada’s Conservatives, with Canada’s Recovery Plan, will get Canada back on track with their plan that will:

• Secure Jobs by recovering the one million jobs lost during the pandemic in one year.

• Secure Accountability by enacting a new anti-corruption law to clean up the mess in Ottawa.

• Secure Mental Health by delivering our Canada Mental Health Action Plan.

• Secure the Country by building capacity here at home to handle any future pandemic or crisis.

• Secure our Economy by balancing the budget over the next decade.

“In this election, Canadians have just two choices: more of the same with millions of Canadians getting left behind, or a real plan for recovery that will get Canada surging in the right direction and ensure no Canadian is left behind,” said O’Toole. “Canada’s Recovery Plan will secure the future for all Canadians.”

Patzer noted that when he looks around the Cypress Hills-Grasslands riding, that he has noticed that there is a need for a rural perspective at the federal level. “There are many rural areas that are being overlooked or missing. One common issue is broadband and Internet access still having serious gaps of coverage.

“During the last year, with many schools requiring remote learning during the Pandemic, it proved that an inequity in coverage still exists,” added Patzer.

He added that he feels the Conservative Party will provide a strong leadership role in many factors. “We have worked hard to be strong voices for all Canadians, and will continue to be strong voices for agriculture, energy, forestry, mining, and many other parts of the Canadian economy.”