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4H club focuses on field crops

Norquay members tour their crop plots

The Norquay 4H Crops Club did its crop tour recently.

Each member has a minimum of five-acres that they rent from their parents.

Through the season they learn about the soil, weeds, and the crop; what the crop needs and how to take care of it.

They also learn about the different equipment used.

The members do scouting every couple of weeks and keep records of rainfall and anything else that ‘Mother Nature’ throws their way.

The field tour day was a fun day where all the members tour each other’s field, where they give a presentation on their crop.

They are also judged on the presentation including knowledge of their crop and its end uses.

“It is amazing to see how proud each member was to talk about their crop and show it to the other members,” said Jennifer Lindgren one of the event organizers.

“True farmers in the making.”

After harvest they will learn about sampling and marketing.

The 4H members will present their final project that includes their harvest results at an Achievement Day in October.