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APAS Rural Connectivity Task Force releases recommendations

Task Force makes 43 recommendations to improve rural internet and cellular service in Saskatchewan

Following six months of research into the causes of poor rural internet and cellular service, the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) has released the final report and recommendations of its Rural Connectivity Task Force (RCTF).

“We’ve spent months meeting industry experts and researching the issue of rural connectivity,” says Task Force Chair Jeremy Welter, who farms near Kerrobert, SK. “That work has resulted in 43 recommendations that will help improve rural internet and cell service in Saskatchewan.”

The RCTF recommendations were ratified by the APAS membership at the 2021 APAS Annual Meeting on March 30. They are divided into seven major categories, including:

Working Together – Supporting shared access to infrastructure and fair partnerships between service providers.

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen– Simplifying Canada’s regulatory structure for greater accountability, transparency, and efficiency.

The Importance of Smaller Internet Service Providers – Supporting competition within the industry to ensure smaller players can survive, thrive, and support universalinternet access.

Optimizing Public Resources – Optimizing government funding and managing spectrum effectively.

Regaining and Retaining Canadian Excellence – Ensuring that Canada takes a leadership role to build long-term sustainability within our telecommunications industry and infrastructure.

Taking Control of the Saskatchewan Advantage – Leveraging our Crown Corporations to ensure that Saskatchewan plays a leadership role in achieving universal connectivity and realizing the social and economic benefits that come along with it.

Consumer Protection – Ensuring consumers are guaranteed high-quality,affordable internet service.

Read the Rural Connectivity Task Force final report and recommendations at: