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Porcine diarrhea outbreak confined

An outbreak of the virus has reappeared in Manitoba.
wp two pigs
The Manitoba disease outbreak has so far been contained.
WESTERN PRODUCER — Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus has broken out again in Manitoba, but hog producers aren’t panicking.

The outbreak appears to be limited right now.

“We’re still doing pretty good on numbers,” said Cam Dahl, the general manager of Manitoba Pork Council.

There were 14 confirmed cases in barns by Oct. 27, which are the first cases this year.

“Before Oct. 25 we were batting a no-hitter,” said Dahl.

The cases are in both southeastern Manitoba, where most of the sow industry is based, and southwestern Manitoba. All are south of the Trans-Canada Highway.

There are no regional movement prohibitions, as have happened in wider outbreaks, but herds with cases are required to quarantine.

The limited spread of the disease appears to be a sign of good disease prevention practices being embraced since PED first appeared in the province.

“Biosecurity is being taken very seriously,” said Dahl.

“It’s paying off. We’re not getting that explosive outbreak that we’ve seen in the past.”

In 2019, an outbreak involved more than 80 cases.

Canada has dealt with repeated waves since the recent re-emergence of the disease. Both eastern and western herds have been affected. Canada’s semi-isolated conditions and low hog barn density have made management easier than in some parts of the United States, where PED management has become a constant issue. In many areas, eradication can seem next to impossible.

Manitoba had its biggest outbreaks 2019 and 2017, after the first incidents in 2014.