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Lady Luck strikes twice for Chase the Ace winner

Chase the Ace raises needed funds and provides some fun for Canora and area golfers

CANORA — The Canora Golf & Country Club Chase the Ace lottery resulted in an early New Year’s surprise for Lorraine Kaminski of Rama, said Kelly McTavish, club president, as Kaminski was the jackpot winner on December 30.

“The jackpot of our ‘Chase the Ace 3.0’ lottery was guaranteed to go at this time as this was the end of the club’s 2021 lottery license. Licences are only given for one year at a time maximum,” explained McTavish.

“Lorraine was the lucky winner for the second time in a row. She found the Ace of Spades in envelope No. 50 on the 43rd attempt and won the pot which was worth $10,112! It is my understanding that she purchased the ticket with a friend so she will be splitting that amount with a co-winner. Lorraine was also the winner of ‘Chase the Ace 2.0’ when she won $2,111 after finding the ace of spades in week 10.”

Harold Woloschuk was the first ever grand prize winner way back on February 11 when after only six weeks he found the ace which was worth $1,296 at that time. In total the lottery has awarded a little over $20,000 in prize money this past year between the grand prizes and the weekly prizes. 

For those who aren't familiar with the rules of Chase the Ace, the contest tends to build excitement on a weekly basis.

“A Chase the Ace lottery is a combination of a weekly draw and a progressive draw,” said McTavish. “Each week tickets are sold for a chance to win money. All the money collected from ticket sales goes into three separate pots: 20 per cent goes to the weekly pot, 30 per cent goes to the progressive (ace of spades) pot and 50 per cent goes to the organization (minus expenses). 

“One ticket is selected each week and that ticket holder is awarded 20 per cent of that week’s sales. In addition, that week’s winner also gets to select an envelope containing 1 of 52 cards in hopes of finding the ace of spades. If the ace of spades is found, the progressive jackpot is paid out and the lottery starts over. The longer the ace is not found, the higher the grand prize!”

The strong support for the Canora Golf & Country Club through the lottery this past year is much appreciated. 

“Whether you played once or twice or you were one of our loyal customers and played every week, we want to thank every person for supporting us in whatever way they could.  All of the money raised is going towards improvements at the course,” shared McTavish. 

Chase the Ace 4.0 will be starting again on February 3 and promises to be excited right from the start. A cash prize of $25,000 is guaranteed if the Ace of Spades is pulled in the first week.

Tickets for the 2022 lottery will be available online at or in person at Community Insurance and Better than Before second hand store. Draws will be every Thursday at 7:30 pm and will be shown live on Facebook.

“I'd also like to thank the guys and gals with me behind the scenes every week for volunteering their time to make the lottery work; especially Gerald Dennis, Pat Miechkota, Bobby Kolodziejski, Robert Waselenko, and my wife Jodie Kowalyshyn,” concluded McTavish.