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Canora Air Cadets hold ACR, celebrate active season

Each cadet received an award for their contributions during this past season:

CANORA - In spite of the smaller number of participants this season, an enthusiastic group of Canora Air Cadets held their Annual Ceremonial Review at Canora Composite School.

The June 5 program opened with the playing of O Canada.

Second Lieutenant Wade Stachura, who is also the training officer, welcomed family and friends in attendance for the 71st annual event and introduced the Reviewing Officer, Canora Mayor Michael Kwas.

“Mayor Kwas, formerly of Saskatoon, is proud to call Canora home for over 14 years,” said Stachura. “He is a family man, who along with wife Jessica, enjoys all the great amenities Canora and area has to offer. Mayor Kwas loves raising his family in Canora and is heavily involve with many aspects of the community. He is honoured to serve the town of Canora and looks forward to serving the community for a second term.”

Joined by Stachura, Commanding Officer Darren Paul and Cadet Parade Commander Sgt. Maisie Kuzminski, Mayor Kwas inspected the cadets. Kuzminski then led the cadets in the march past the reviewing stand.

Each cadet received an award for their contributions during this past season:

Sgt. Maisie Kuzminski - The cadet who has shown incredible leadership at cadets and during activities in the field; most recently taking charge of three different squadrons while gliding this spring and organizing ‘push crews’ for the entire day, all without being asked to do so.

Cpl. Horatio Wasyliw - The cadet who always comes to cadets almost fully dressed. 

Cpl. Mickayla Maygard - The cadet who has a quiet confidence and watches and learns.

Cpt. Max Paul - The cadet who usually has a joke to lighten the mood and is friendly and accepting to everyone.

Cpl. Zoe Becker - The cadet who has boundless energy and is always willing to help others.

Captain Darren Paul, commanding officer, thanked friends, parents and guardians for attending the Annual Ceremonial Review, and expressed appreciation for distinguished guests, Reviewing Officer Mayor Mike Kwas  and Saskatchewan Air Cadet League President Richard Petrowski, “who has helped our sponsor and squadron get things right for several years now. A huge thank you to the members of the parent sponsor committee, who work behind the scenes to support the activities that make the cadets experience possible.”

Captain Paul said the cadets benefit from their experience in the program both now and in the future.

“We mould cadets into smart, responsible adults who contribute to society and are successful in their own chosen field of study. Cadets prepares youth for the transition into adulthood and gives them the tools to do this. Staying in the program gives cadets a sense of belonging and achievement.

“We are here to shape your success.

“The Cadet program offers many programs that kids cannot get anywhere else in Canada; funded by Department of National Defence, the Saskatchewan Air Cadet League and Saskatchewan Lotteries. There is no cost or fees to the cadet or parents to do this.

“We offer opportunities to learn. To serve. To advance. We provide uniforms and training.

“We have had  great experiences as a team learning about the air program, bush and cold weather  survival, maps and compass, flight simulator, rockets, marksmanship, ceremonial drill, gliding at Moose Jaw in the spring and the fall, as well as flying Cessnas at the Yorkton airport,” continued Captain Paul.

“Last, but certainly not least, the thank you to the cadets who showed up Wednesday nights and weekends to participate in the best youth program anywhere. Without these young men and women, this program would not be possible. 

“Take a good look at these disciplined cadets. These will be your leaders of tomorrow.”

For successful completion of the first year of the program, Captain Paul said cadets receive sweat pants with an embroidered squadron logo.

After the second year, the award is a hoodie embroidered with Squadron Logo and the cadet’s name.

Air Cadet League of Saskatchewan President Richard Petrowsky commended the cadets for reaching this season-ending milestone.

“You are part of 450 squadrons made up of over 27,000 cadets across the country,” said Petrowsky. “Thank you to the Squadron Sponsoring Committee for all their hard work. We appreciate the support of the town and the school to help these cadets have a fun year.

“But we also need to look toward to the future to build up cadet numbers and encourage more young people to join. Let the community know what this program means to Canora.

“In closing, congratulations to the staff, to the cadets, and to the people of Canora.”

Mayor Mike Kwas shared his thoughts on his first opportunity to serve as Reviewing Officer.

“I’m happy and honoured to be here,” said Mayor Kwas. “Anything the community can do to support this worthwhile program, we’re in support of that. Congratulations to all of the cadets.”

In appreciation of his efforts, Cadet Parade Commander Maisie Kuzminski presented Mayor Kwas with a poppy roll and a water bottle etched with the squadron logo.

The program closed with the playing of God Save The King.

Following the program, all were invited to stay for cake and refreshments.

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