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Canora native Ron Kalmakoff releases new single

Bells is the new single release from Ron Kalmakoff’s latest and ninth album titled, Nature.
Ron Kalmakoff, originally from Canora, has released a new single from his Nature album.

CANORA - Bells is the new single release from Ron Kalmakoff’s latest and ninth album titled, Nature. Kalmakoff’s vision was to keep the musicality and instrumentation of this song simple and poignant, so that the poetry of the piece could shine.

"I thought, how do these words written relate to our world today, with the struggles and fears of this complex environment we live in or others are facing. A senseless war and those that bear the burden of not being allowed to live their lives with peace and love," said Kalmakoff in a release.

Along with Vancouver Film Director Alexander Sharp, he captured a new version of the song beautifully with a music video, which is in part a love letter to Ukraine, continued the release. As sad as the lyrics of this song may sound, they are somehow filled with hope. Bells was written by well-known Canadian singer/songwriter, Jimmy Rankin.

Ron's latest album Nature, is a collection of songs that he considers part of the tapestry connected to his life here in Canada. From his childhood living in Saskatchewan to now living on the West Coast of British Columbia.

“The people I have known along the way, the artists who have inspired me and the beauty of Canada are woven here through the songs and the music,” Kalmakoff shared.

From his first performance at age 16 at a talent show in his hometown of Canora to appearing on the Tommy Hunter Show and moving to B.C. to perform several shows at Expo ‘86 and many more since, music has always been a vital thread through Kalmakoff’s life tapestry.

One of Kalmakoff’s favourite moments while promoting his previous album came from returning to Saskatchewan for a variety of events. He was welcomed back to his hometown of Canora with open arms from family and friends in the community. While on location, two music videos were created, Ever Since You Went Away and Where the Willows Bend, revisiting the family farm area where he spent the first 24 years of his life. A video doc was also created of the trip back home.

"When I was standing on the land of one of my family's farms and we were filming, I could not have asked for a more perfect fall day. I felt this beautiful energy from the soil, sky and surroundings. I was at peace; I was home and I felt at one with Nature. At that moment my next album began," Kalmakoff recalled.

Said Eric Alper- Canadian Music Correspondent, Radio Host, and Blogger, "Kalmakoff's dextrous and emotive tenor brings a sense of yearning to the lyrics, underlining how true it is that we don't know how finite our time really is with our loved ones."

More information about Kalmakoff’s latest album, the video produced for the new single, song samples and music downloads are available at CD copies of Nature can be ordering from the website. Anyone who lives outside of Canada can now order his music off the website as well.