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New LED bulbs in Canora expected to produce long-term benefits

LED bulbs in Canora street lights should benefit the environment and cut down costs in the long term.
Street light bulb change_result
On October 14, SaskPower workers were busy on their project of changing the bulbs in all the street lights in Canora from the existing high pressure sodium vapour to the new LED bulbs, including this one at the intersection of First Avenue and Third Street. The changeover is expected to produce a variety of long-term benefits for Canora and other Saskatchewan communities, as well as for SaskPower. / Rocky Neufeld

CANORA - Recently Canora residents have probably noticed that work crews have been all over town, changing the light bulbs in Canora street lights; a total of 390 bulb changes according to Scott McGregor, SaskPower spokesperson. The old sodium vapor bulbs are being replaced with new LED bulbs, which should create numerous benefits for Canora and other communities, as well as for SaskPower.

“The LED bulbs use about 40 to 60 per cent of the power as the old bulbs, and also last a lot longer,” explained McGregor. “They illuminate better, the colour they put out is a lot closer to daylight, they require much less maintenance and don’t need to be replaced nearly as often.”

Municipalities are expected to begin seeing significant long-term savings as more of the province gets the new street light bulbs. McGregor said residents might be able to actually see some of the benefit of the LED bulbs.

“They produce more directional light, which creates less light pollution to the sky. They’re not brighter than the old bulbs but they’ll look brighter because the LED bulbs are more efficient.”

McGregor said each bulb only takes about 10 minutes to replace, so any traffic restrictions during the bulb changeover were expected to be quite brief.