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COUGAR CORNER HEADLINES EuroTrip - Wonderful sites in Lucerne

The highlight of the trip for many travelers was a trip to the top of Mount Pilatus at Lucerne, Switzerland.

CANORA -The Canora Europe Trip club travelled to Zurich, Switzerland on April 1. When travelers arrived in the city, the group was dropped off at the hotel, which was located right across the street from Zurich’s international airport. Once at the hotel, the travel group was treated with dinner from the hotel’s kitchen staff.

The next morning on April 2, travelers were treated with a bus ride to see beautiful mountainous sites of Switzerland. Once the group arrived in Lucerne, everyone was dropped off and headed to a popular shop with jewelry and other souvenirs where people were given the chance to buy Swiss Army knives for family members and everyone was given the chance to get them engraved with names for free. The tour group then took a walking tour around the streets of Lucerne seeing the world’s oldest wooden bridge and a huge church.

The highlight of the trip for many travelers was when all 53 travelers from Oregon and Canora took a trip to the top of Mount Pilatus where travelers took in the wonderful sites of what is debatably the most beautiful country on Earth. A fact some people didn’t expect was that there was an actual functioning hotel on the top of the mountain. Everyone spent two hours at the top of the mountain, which is surprisingly smaller than Sulphur Mountain in Alberta’s Banff National Park. After the mountain adventure, everyone was treated to pizza for dinner. Switzerland was definitely a huge highlight of the Eurotrip with a lot of friendly people and welcoming scenery, which is why a lot of travelers said they want to return to Switzerland in the future.

Upcoming bottle drive

The graduating class of 2024 will be hosting a bottle drive on Tuesday, May 21. The Grade 12 students are asking residents in both Canora and Buchanan to have their bags of bottles and cans at the end of their driveways by 1 p.m. to ensure collection of bottles. The bottle drive is being held to raise money for the Grade 12 graduation parade, ceremony, banquet, and party. If residents aren’t able to leave their bottles out on May 21, they can still go to the Canora Sarcan building and donate them to the Drop N Go under the name “Grad24” set up by the graduating class a couple of months ago. Grade 12 graduation is on June 27.

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